Well yes, but we’re not like your typical “globo-gym.” You can’t come in here, put on your iPod, and do your own thing. We are a coaching facility for fitness-minded folks. You don’t pay us for access to equipment, you pay us for coaching. To do that, we want to know your personal fitness goals and help you through every step along the way to reaching those goals.

We offer month-to-month memberships that will auto-renew (but you can cancel with 30 days written notice at any time). Our 6- and 12-month contracts have a slight discount but also carry a 25% early cancellation fee. Memberships are either unlimited classes or limited (13x/month) to match your personal fitness availability. We also have 10- and 20-class punchcard options that expire 90 days from date of purchase. See all plans and pricing here.

We want you to be excited and feel comfortable. One of our awesome coaches will give you a tour of the facility as we talk about your personal goals, do a quick fitness assessment, and discuss the next steps.

You might have multiple choices on where to workout. There are so many different types of fitness classes and programming today that we like to say “your best fitness option is the one that you will do!” What are your personal goals? Do you want/need personalized attention? Are you looking for trained, professional coaches? How about accountability? Do you want to work out with a group of like-minded people who cheer on your success? If the answer to any of the above is “yes,” then we encourage you to check us out. Schedule a no-sweat intro with us today.

We love to have travelling CrossFitters passing through northern Calvert County come throw down with us. As long as you have at least 6 months of CrossFit experience in a CrossFit facility, you can reserve your spot in one of our CrossFit classes online ahead of time ($18/class). If you are looking to check out our a2o Fit classes (FireFit, SilverFit, or Yoga), no previous experience is necessary ($15/class). Please arrive 10 minutes before class so we can show you around the facility and make sure everything is ready to go! Drop-In information can be found here.

That all depends on you! If you’re just starting up, we recommend coming three days a week for the first month and then building to four or five days. Once you’re up to five days per week, we recommend building in two recovery days per week. The more often you attend class, the faster you might see results or reach your personal goals. However, life sometimes gets in the way or you might have a crazy busy schedule and THAT IS OK. Come when you can but don’t stay away for too long – we will miss your smiling face.

CrossFit does not discriminate. That’s where our main brand, a2o Fit, comes from: acorns to oaks. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, YOU CAN DO CROSSFIT. You are an acorn right now and will grow into a beautiful oak tree as you reach your fitness goals – there’s no reason to “get in shape” to get started growing.

One of the things that makes CrossFit so unique is our community of people from literally every walk of life: stay-at-home parents, elite athletes, students, CEOs, members of the armed services, firefighters, you name it. CrossFit bodies – our bodies – come in every imaginable size, shape and age; and yet, our workouts every day are designed for anyone to do them.

Yes, anyone.

Still not sure about this whole CrossFit thing? No worries. We have other classes and personal training to get your feet wet in fitness. You may never try CrossFit, but we promise that you CAN do it if you want.

Just like most activities, if you don’t do it correctly you can hurt yourself. That’s why we provide professional coaching and assistance for our members. SAFETY IS A TOP PRIORITY. If you are uncoachable, this may not be the place for you. We believe in STRICT movements before adding any momentum (kipping) for pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and ring muscle ups (don’t worry – there are modifications for all of those movements, too). We require all members to take our Foundations course if they choose to join CrossFit Panthera. This on-ramp program teaches form and function for the main CrossFit exercises. It also gives new members a knowledge base of correct form on exercises before entering CrossFit group classes as well as eases them into a new type of training allowing their bodies to adapt. We don’t want you to get injured – if you’re injured, you might not come to class as often, and then we will miss seeing your smiling face! Of course, we can always modify movements for injuries (because sometimes folks DO injure themselves outside of the gym … slipping outside their shower, missing a step down while walking at the Farmer’s Market, or sleeping on their arm funny and pinching a nerve). 

Sure! This is a great link that will help get you started – http://greatist.com/fitness/ultimate-guide-crossfit-lingo. But don’t be intimidated by this – we walk you through it all, and then you’ll be talking about your Fran time, that crazy chipper, and the magic of the barbell squat snatch.

Our CrossFit, SilverFit, and Yoga classes are 60 minutes while FireFit classes are 45 minutes. Personal training can be purchased in 30 and 50 minutes sessions.

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