Are you looking to feel better and have more confidence, but the idea of a CrossFit class completely terrifies you? FireFit is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you without the use of barbells. This 45-minute workout will improve cardiovascular fitness, increase speed, and maximize calorie burn, using a variety of bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more. FireFit is our no-barbell version of a CrossFit class, where we will still focus on moving well (mechanics) consistently before increasing the intensity. This coach-led HIIT class includes strength training, plyometrics, core training, and most importantly: FUN! It is for ALL LEVELS and will hopefully get your heart rate on FIRE!

FireFit is currently ON-HOLD, indefinitely, as a stand-alone class. Stay tuned for more to come in 2021 as we integrate FireFit with our CrossFit classes!

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