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a2o Fit is Short for ACORNS to OAKS Fitness

“In the scenery of spring, nothing is better, nothing worse; the flowering branches are of themselves, some short, some long.”

Translated from a Japanese haiku (so the syllables don’t match up), there was a lecture on this poem and the zen mind by Alan Watts. A friend was talking about this one day, that those who are truly zen don’t judge a differentiation between inferior and superior people. We don’t think “Oh, I’m of superior intelligence than those folks who think of beer and TV.” This is just our form of life, as it is, in the present. THE OAK IS NO BETTER THAN THE ACORN. And this is how fitness should be: all ages, all skill levels, all body types. Everyone can find a place to fit, exactly as they are right now. They can grow into their own version of an OAK, whatever that may be, which will be just as amazing as the ACORN.

Bonus fact: Maryland’s state tree is the white OAK.

Maybe that means you choose one-on-one personal training. Maybe our FireFit classes are more your style. You might be interested in CrossFit. You might be older and prefer our SilverFit classes or have younger ones to join our KidFit program. Whatever form of fitness you choose, the point is that you choose what works for you.

Amanda, our owner and coach, began CrossFit when she first moved to Southern Maryland in 2013. She was teaching high school science full-time and searching for motivation to get in the gym (and maybe make some new friends in the area). CrossFit changed Amanda’s life and she eventually found herself wanting to do more. She obtained her CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certification and spent pretty much every day at the box. After putting together an application and being selected to attend Marine Corps Officer Candidate School for summer 2016, Amanda spent 7 weeks at “summer camp” but returned home with an abscess in her lungs and a hole in her heart. She left teaching high school and has yet to look back. She opened, co-owned, coached, and managed Calvert CrossFit North for almost 3 years before branching out on her own to bring additional coach-led fitness opportunities to northern Calvert and southern Anne Arundel County.

Where did CrossFit Panthera come from? Amanda is a crazy cat lady who still loves science, so it seemed fitting to name the CrossFit side of a2o Fit after the scientific genus that covers the big cats: lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars. These animals are the only cat species with the anatomical structure to roar.

Fun fact: the black panther is actually a color variant of any Panthera species. Black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards while black panthers in the Americas are jaguars. White panthers can actually be a white cougar (North America), white jaguar (South America), or white leopard (elsewhere).

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