Amanda Peretich

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Amanda Peretich



Amanda both owns and coaches at the facility. As a previous high school science teacher, she loves to travel and has spent many summers with some awesome teacher research experiences (working on a fisheries research vessel in the Bering Sea, touring around Germany when they won the 2014 World Cup in soccer, or exploring the west coast by hiking Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens after working at Pacific Northwest National Lab). Amanda moved to southern Maryland in 2012 and joined Calvert CrossFit when it opened in early 2013. She struggled to jump on a 6-inch box or complete push-ups on her knees when she first started, but found it oddly exhilarating to be laid out on her back day after day at the end of a WOD wondering what just happened. She completed her Level 1 certification because she wanted to start a CrossFit Kids program and found herself wanting to coach everyone from kids to teens to adults. After co-owning and running Calvert CrossFit North from 2016 to 2019, she opened a2o Fit: home of CrossFit Panthera in July 2019 to expand coach-led classes in northern Calvert County/southern Anne Arundel County. CrossFit changed her life and she wants to help others discover the same passion and love for a balanced, healthy lifestyle that may involve kicking butt.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Crossfit Kids
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Flexibility

I’d like to think that I motivate and encourage athletes to be their best self. But I also want to keep people safe and minimize injuries. If you’re hurt, you tend not to workout, and then we miss seeing your beautiful face! I’ve also been there – out of shape, couldn’t do XYZ when I started, had shoulder surgery, worked full time, etc. So when I say “I get it”, I usually mean it.

I originally wanted to start a CrossFit Kids program and wound up teaching adult, teen, tween, and kids classes. Everything happens for a reason!

I love overhead squats and deadlifts. I also love snatches because they are so technique-driven. “Annie” (50-40-30-20-10 double unders & sit-ups), “Grace” (30 clean & jerks), and “Karen” (150 wall balls) are my top three favorite workouts.

Anything with pull-ups, toes to bar, or handstand push-ups. Oh, and front squats. They’re terrible. One day I hope to be able to complete my namesake workout, “Amanda”, as written because it has ring muscle ups.

I like to be outdoors or travelling when I’m not at the facility. Sometimes I run races. Sometimes I stay at home with my cats.

Just get started. You don’t need to “get in shape” to join us. It will suck at first, but as time goes on, you’ll learn to love the things you hate. 

I’m pretty obsessed with organization when it comes to everything at the facility having a “place” to be, but my house is an absolute disaster 99% of the time (much to my husband’s dismay).

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