Andrea Melbourne

“Peace and love.”

Andrea Melbourne



Andrea has been in the fitness industry over 35 years. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, GroupX Instructor, Pro-Trainer, SUP COACH, and Business owner. Andrea discovered CrossFit in September 2016 and attends CrossFit classes for her own workouts. Andrea has worked with all ages, from kids to seniors. She leads an early morning outdoor fitness Beach Bootcamp year round in North Beach. Additionally, she owns and operates a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) business in Deale, Maryland.


AFAA Group X: Step, Group-Barbell, KickBox, Aqua, Stability Ball, Senior, Bootcamp, Indoor Cycle, Yoga, Pilates, Core & Functional Fitness
AFAA Personal Training
PaddleFit Level 2

Connecting with people – discovering their goals and helping to overcome obstacles.

It was a natural progression from personal training and leading group fitness classes to coaching.

Deadlifts & workouts with man-makers.

Sailing (I race every Wednesday night during the summer), paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, camping!

The hardest part is getting to the facility. All of the workouts can be scaled to meet you where you are today!

My life is full of extremes: I meditate, practice peace & love, yoga & drink green tea; but I enjoy extreme sports, challenging workouts, and competition (with myself). I also love a good dark beer!

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