Kayla Schell

“Sore today, strong tomorrow.”

Kayla Schell



Kayla is currently focusing her time and efforts at the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services Training Academy, but plans to return to coaching in 2021. Kayla has been in the fitness industry for quite some time. She is a certified personal trainer and teaches various group fitness classes. Kayla discovered CrossFit while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and takes an hour a day for herself at CrossFit Panthera. In high school, she danced, played softball, and did some weightlifting. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our facility along with a big smile, a hard work ethic, and great coaching.


My years of being in the fitness industry gives me more insight on the average person and why most people are here for fitness. Whether it be getting back into shape, or getting over a plateau, you’ve gotta see fitness from all angles.

I have been active all my life, so it’s been easy for me, so trying to help other people to change their lifestyles is so much more rewarding.

Anything in a snatch grip 

Dance, bike, and paddle board

Go slow, you’ll be great at some things and terrible at others, keep pushing yourself to get better everyday.

I clean and I jerk and I have a nice snatch

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