Before my husband and I joined CrossFit, we had never been able to stick to any type of fitness routine. Neither of us cared for the atmosphere at typical “gyms” and we both struggled to stay motivated and program our own workouts. We were looking for more strength-based workouts than we could find in group fitness classes and lacked the drive to work out by ourselves at home. Several of our close friends in other parts of the country kept encouraging us to join CrossFit, but the location of facilities and our schedules made that unrealistic. When a CrossFit facility opened in Dunkirk, we were out of excuses! It’s quickly become “our” thing and we look forward to going together several times a week. Since we started in 2016, we’ve accomplished things we never thought possible and both have found a new strength, determination, and will that’s truly changed not only our level of overall fitness, but our approach to all of life’s challenges. Coach Amanda’s combination of patience, encouragement and attention to detail has fostered such a positive and supportive atmosphere and a true camaraderie among athletes. I can say with confidence that we’ll be CrossFitters for life!
Jeanette & John
I started CrossFit in September 2016 and I was instantly hooked. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I started. I had done the whole gym thing, ran 2 marathons, and just wanted something different. Well, I definitely walked into the right place. To see the progression of where I was to where I am now is amazing. I can lift more weight and can actually do a pull-up (ok …a lot of pull-ups), which I have never been able to do! The team atmosphere is so enjoyable here. There is not a day that I don’t leave with a smile. Everyone motivates one another to train harder and push themselves a little more. And what can I say about my favorite coach Amanda. She is an amazing coach and a wonderful mentor. I appreciate all the words of encouragement especially on days when you feel as though you “can’t” do it. I am glad I joined CrossFit and so proud to be part of such an incredible team.
I started CrossFit in May of 2017 at the encouragement of my sister. Her best friend Jeanette works out here so I sent an email to the coach hoping I would like it. Well, over 2 years later I am still here and doing amazing. The thing is, I have 4 kids, a crazy work schedule, and an amazing husband who stands behind everything I do. I had always put everything and everyone in front of me. I continued to do this until September 2018. I had been making gains at the gym but I still wasn't losing weight. I finally (again at the urging of my sister) started to dial in my nutrition with the help of Stronger U. Holy cow did things change! To date, I have lost 50lbs, had countless PR’s and done many things that I never would have thought I could have done (including my first handstand and jumping on a 20" box in workouts now). I signed up for the CrossFit Open through headquarters this past spring, hoping to not finish last. Well, I finished in the top half for my age group (40-44)! Out of 17,761 women, I was ranked 7,365. Way better than I would have ever thought, I was able to even Rx some of the weights, starting with the wall balls (what is it with me and wall balls). I convinced some friends to compete with me in my first competition last May (Girls Gone Rx) and am so excited for things to come. I could have never done have the amazing things without the amazing coaches at this facility. I am always underestimating myself and they call me on it. They and the people I work out with day in and day out make this crazy life so much better. It is amazing to see what your body can do if you don’t give up.
I have been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years now and it has been one of the best journeys and experiences. I think my biggest transformation is learning how to do movements with the barbell. For example, I couldn't squat with a barbell before I started and now I can back squat almost 200lbs. I remember what a mess I was when I first started. My legs are more toned and I am more comfortable adding weights while maintaining good form. I never thought I would be someone who would join CrossFit, but ever since I started I have loved it way more than a normal gym! It has helped me relax with the stress of school and work, and keeps me in decent shape. I believe I have come pretty far, but I still have so many goals I want to achieve.
Katie L.

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